Resolution? Really?

First of all, saya ucapkan “Selamat Tahun Baru 2012!”

Semoga apa yang sudah dicapai di 2011 cukup memuaskan dan Anda siap untuk tantangan baru di tahun 2012.

So, apakah Anda sudah punya kumpulan resolusi untuk tahun 2012? Care to share? Apakah Anda benar-benar melalukan apa yang Anda resolusikan di penghujung tahun 2010 kemarin? Ya, maksud saya resolusi tahun 2011 Anda. Kalau memang sudah, GOOD JOB! Kalau belum, ya silahkan diakumulasikan untuk di tahun 2012 ini.

IMHO, resolusi adalah hal yang lucu. Sesuai dengan gambar komik yang saya lampirkan di atas, resolusi tidak ada bedanya dengan To Do List yang saya buat harian, mingguan, bulanan, dan sebagainya. Kalau Anda sudah menulis semua resolusi Anda, lalu what’s next?

  • Do you staple it onto your agenda?
  • Do you put it on your fridge?
  • Do you type it on your desktop screen?
  • Do you write it on a piece of paper & keep it in a safe place?

The BIG question is:

“Do you even remember to keep your resolution list and re-read it by the end of the year?

Resolusi buat saya hanya sekedar penamaan lain dari To Do List saja. Malah lebih diremehkan daripada To Do List, karena kita cenderung lebih go easy on ourselves when it comes to measuring our own goals (unrelated to work, school, etc), apalagi dengan time span selama 1 (satu) tahun.

For me, it’s simple. There are two kind of plannings in our lives: TACTICAL & STRATEGIC. And they must be flexible, depending on the situation. Tactical means tujuan-tujuan kecil kita (short-term goals). Sedangkan, Strategic lebih kepada, “mau achieve apa di tahun ini? Untuk apa & berapa lama kira-kira untuk mencapainya?”

My point is; the word ‘resolution’ is just too ‘cartoon-ish’. We should take our goals in live seriously.

Maybe it’s just me. How about you, friends? :-)

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About widydee

Seeing, for me, is analyzing. Every intriguing thing that I see will most likely get my "Why?" questions until the bottom of it. I see everything - yes, EVERYTHING - as food for my tiny little brain. Knowing everything is important (yet, not a must), but applying them need a reasonable basis. In my blog, I will blabber a lot about Digital Marketing Communications, Social Media, Internet Behavior, Indonesian History, complaints, and a bit of writings to be share & discussed. I own the field, but this is your playground :-) Feel free.

4 responses to “Resolution? Really?”

  1. Elvin Priyadi says :

    *chuckles* resolusiku taun lalu, writing everyday for a year. Tapi, man can plan, Tuhan juga yang memutuskan (atau itu cuma males yah, mihihihihi), berhenti tengah2.

    Ada lagi sih, Wid, selain tactical and strategic. Alert. Karena 2011 mengajarkan sayah, you never know when opportunity come knocking. Jadi stay alert.

    Tapi, yang paling penting: Happy 2012! All the Happiness and Good things throughout the year!

    • widydee says :

      Hahahaha! Lha itu ngeles, viiin! :-P Sorry for being straight forward :-P
      Iya, stay alert & be cautious. Setuju.

      Thanks for dropping by & commenting ya :-) Have a great year as well.

  2. Pillar Wirzon says :

    my fav sentence : ‘resolution’ is just too ‘cartoon-ish’. We should take our goals in live seriously.

    we should take our goal seriously. It’s not easy, the keyword is… commitment.
    Once you commited to your goals in life (oh and please add hard work also, you can’t separate those two) , your goals will achieved one at a time before you know it. :)

  3. widydee says :

    Betul :-) Ga harus konsisten, tapi yang penting komitmen, bahwa memang ingin mencapai gol itu :-) A very nice addition, hon :-D As expected from my darling ;-) Thanks for commenting, hon..

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