Does Media Being Unfair?

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This blogpost is to respond a post by Emma Kelly, a Showbiz reporter at the @Daily_Star Online. So I suggest you read the below link first, then read my respond below the link.

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Basically, I agree on what she’s trying to communicate, but I have mixed feelings about it. I am very sure that a lot of media covered the tragedies on the other part of the world as well. However, we all know the big media companies that stick on people’s minds better than any others basically become most people’s preferences. These big media companies, somehow only ‘headlining’ a certain country and accidentally (or maybe on purpose (who knows?)) seems like putting a bigger portion on the most popular country or whatever.

So my wandering mind comes up to these:
A. Are we the ones that pick and listen to the wrong media?
B. Perhaps it’s just too difficult for media to broadcast all tragedies?
C. It’s just Politic. Get over it!

What do you guys think?